What is the Guardian™ Connect CGM System?

//What is the Guardian™ Connect CGM System?

What is the Guardian™ Connect CGM System?

Frequently Asked Questions

The Guardian™ Connect Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGM) is Medtronic’s only system in the world that gives you insights and helps protect against lows and highs up to 60 minutes in advance!

60 minutes predictive alerts!

What would you do with 60 minutes advanced knowledge of your readings? Go to your child’s soccer game without worrying about their blood sugar? Maybe be ready for that important meeting? How about going out to dinner with friends and knowing where your blood sugar is at all times.

Whatever you have on the go, the Guardian™ Connect CGM System gives you the confidence to focus on your life and not your readings.

Getting started on the Guardian™ Connect System is easy!

If you are familiar with CGM systems and are looking to purchase one for yourself, visit shop.medtronicdiabetes.ca. You can purchase it directly from there.

If you are currently using a MiniMed™ 670G, another CGM or FGM platform, or want to explore your options using the New Guardian™ Connect CGM System, please call 1. and our Guardian™ Connect Sales Consultant will be able to help answer all of your questions.

I am seeing a warning message that my device is unsupported.

The warning message is there to indicate that the current system has not yet been fully tested or supported. While we cannot guarantee full app functionality until the release has been fully tested, clicking out of https://www.besthookupwebsites.org/nl/fuck-marry-kill-overzicht/ the warning message will enable the app to work. The warning message will not appear once we have fully tested the new app version. In the meantime, if you do experience any issues, please report them through our 24 Hour Technical Support Line.

My phone is prompting me to update my operating system. Should I update?

We recommend that you check our full compatibility list before updating your operating system. If it is not listed as compatible, we recommend not updating your operating system until we have tested and ensured full compatibility.

Why is Guardian™ Connect not compatible with the current version of iOS?

We are working with Apple to test beta versions as soon as they become available, in order to ensure full compatibility as soon as possible. However, if we discover the new operating system has caused a change to the intended behavior of the Guardian™ Connect app, then it may take additional time to ensure that the app fully functions as intended with the new operating system.

Additional Safety Information for the Guardian™ Connect CGM System

The Guardian™ Connect App is intended for monitoring glucose levels in the interstitial fluid under the skin, in persons aged 3 years or older with diabetes mellitus.

a) Do not use the Guardian™ Connect System for pediatric patients until you have thoroughly reviewed (with your Healthcare Professional), the system alert performance in the Guardian™ Connect Application User Guide and the sensor accuracy performance in the Guardian™ Sensor (3) Performance document. Discuss with your Healthcare Professional how to best set up your Guardian Connect System alerts to reduce the risk of missing low blood glucose or high blood glucose events.

b) In the pediatric clinical study (3-18 years of age), larger differences were observed between the Guardian™ Connect System and actual blood glucose values compared to those differences observed in the adolescent/adult clinical study (14-75 years of age), particularly at low glucose levels.

c) In the pediatric clinical study, a significant percentage of low glucose events were not detected by the Guardian™ Connect System. Do not rely solely on the Guardian™ Connect System alerts to detect low glucose.

d) In the pediatric clinical study, the Guardian™ Connect System triggered a high percentage of false low glucose and false high glucose alerts. The Guardian™ Connect System is not intended to make therapy adjustments: always check your capillary blood glucose before making therapy adjustments.

e) In the pediatric clinical study, enabling the ‘Alert Before Low’ and ‘Alert Before High’ predicted alerts significantly reduced the percentage of missed low blood glucose and missed high blood glucose events, but also significantly increased the percentage of false low glucose and false high glucose alerts. Do not ignore alerts from your Guardian™ Connect System. Always follow your treatment instructions from your Healthcare Professional when responding to an alert from your Guardian™ Connect System.

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