Product Description: This is a geosynthetic waterproofing membrane formed as a result of extrusion of low and high-density polyethylene raw material and then shaped homogenously. Joints are merged with fusion welding (hot air double seam).

Areas of Use:
• Landfills,
• Artificial ponds,
• Medical waste and toxic waste collection areas,
• Treatment and irrigation ponds,
• Delivery canals,
• Waste water pipes,
• Fisheries and aquaculture production ponds,
• Biogas facilities,
• Oil tanks,
• Reservoirs,
• Dams.

Technical Specifications:
• High resistance to chemicals.
• Low liquid permeability.
• Long-lasting.
• High resistance to punctures and impacts.
• Resistance to plant roots.
• Can become resistant to solar rays with UV additives.
• Easy to apply and repair.
• High tensile strength.

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