Product descriptionı: Developed with suitable and necessary additives, the PVC Geomembrane is a waterproofing membrane that is frequently preferred in waterproofing applications since it is long-lasting, weather-resistant, chemical-resistant and flexible.

Areas of Use:
• Waterproofing of foundation and curtain walls of buildings (tanking system),
• Terraces and roofs of buildings,
• Highways and metro tunnels,
• Water and sewage treatment plants,
• Artificial ponds,
• Irrigation canals,
• Mine fields,
• Oil fields,
• Parking lots,
• Industrial waste storage facilities,
• Water tanks,
• Pools.

Technical Specifications:
• Long-lasting.
• Resistant to a wide range of temperature (-40°C – + 60°C ).
• Easy and quick application due to its elasticity.
• High mechanical resistance.
• Overlapping joints applied with hot air welding can be checked with air pressure
• Highly resistant to plant roots.
• Resistant to ageing.
• Delayed combustion, non-flammable (E).

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