11 Best Free & Cheap Crm Software In 2022

//11 Best Free & Cheap Crm Software In 2022

To remove personal opinion and other biases from our analysis, we compile insights and comparisons across pricing, features, reviews, surveys and user feedback to score and rank each platform. The good news is, you don’t have to pay astronomical fees to get your hands on a business growth platform. You can also use it to create a customer self-service portal to improve customer service in your organization.

The Best CRM Software Identified by SoftwareReviews’ Data to Increase Customer Loyalty This Year – PR Newswire

The Best CRM Software Identified by SoftwareReviews’ Data to Increase Customer Loyalty This Year.

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And, of course, training means ensuring that end users have access to the instruction and training documents required to use the system correctly, according to role. Some CRM solutions provide native integrations with a wide variety of partner applications while others require use of a developer API. Pipedrive’s design approach to simplifying the sales and marketing CRM into a pipeline management tool would make it easy to scrimp on reporting and claim it’s all part of the simplicity ethos. Reporting and analytics is an important part of the ActiveCampaign system and this platform is designed to help businesses of all sizes maximise growth by turning data insights into profitable marketing and sales actions. Again, you get a visual email builder and templates to help you create email designs faster. You also get basic email automation, list segmentation, A/B testing and a solid set of features to help you deliver targeted messages to the most relevant audiences, even on the Lite plan – and no contact or send limits.

So we’re looking for one system that combines your marketing and sales data to help you nurture leads into paying customers, keep those customers happy and encourage them to spend more, for longer. Paying for a full suite of sales and marketing tools can drive your monthly software fees into the tens of thousands and this isn’t an option for most small or growing businesses. Among other features, Sage offers case history metrics and resolution times, reporting tools, and team collaboration functionalities.

Best For Crm & Marketing Features

Choosing the CRM software to use can be tricky as many CRM software in the market. Thus you can’t entirely say that software is bad or another software is what is analytical crm the best. Some of the high-ranking CRM software with automated processes include; Pipedrive, HubSpot, Zoho CRM, Freshsales, Agile, and Salesforce CRM.

Best CRM Software

In all honesty, HubSpot is the only platform we’ve looked at today that doesn’t fit into the affordable bracket but it does offer one of the best free CRM platforms in the industry so it forces its way into our list. Meanwhile, ActiveCampaign’s automation builder gives you complete freedom to automate any workflow you can think of while the library of pre-built automation recipes means you don’t have to create the most common workflows from scratch. The strongest aspect of ActiveCampaign’s user experience is how much work the system does for you, removing unnecessary clicks, tasks and actions that https://xcritical.com/ would normally add hours to the weekly workload of every team member. This automation removes the manual workload of dealing with data, allows you to trigger campaigns based on user actions and create sophisticated marketing strategies that run on autopilot. To help you choose the best free marketing and sales CRM for your needs, the rest of this article looks at the top three platforms in each of the seven categories above, based on real user feedback and our own experiences. You can access the dataset we use to determine the top 10 email marketing software providers at the end of this guide.

Hubspot Verdict

Salesmate also integrates with Mailchimp so you’ve got plenty of options to bring in email builders this adds to your overall monthly fees. Salesmate also brings one of the biggest feature lists we’ve seen so far – one that easily competes with EngageBay for quantity and quality although the specific features on offer are quite different. Salesmate doesn’t offer a free plan so it can’t compete with EngageBay in this regard but the paid plans available from both companies are comparable. If you’re on a budget and you’re looking to get the best set of features for free , then EngageBay is one of the first CRM platforms you should try. As the previous section suggests, there is room for EngageBay to improve the UX of its software.

Best CRM Software

First, you should understand that CRM software is designed to improve your marketing and handle customer relationship management. So, if software doesn’t align with your preferred marketing strategy or is too complex for your use, you know that you’re searching for something better. Therefore, the first thing you need to understand in choosing a perfect CRM tool is to spell out your business needs. Identifying your core business needs is a foundational rule for determining what marketing strategy or management tools you should use.

We also wonder whether the platform would benefit from having another plan between the $25/month Advanced and $65/month Premium plans but the company delivers good value at every price point, regardless. As mentioned earlier, some of Sendinblue’s built-in tools could do with an update, too – especially the email and landing page builders. It still delivers some of the best transactional email features available – something most sales and marketing CRM providers overlook.

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Unfortunately, you have to be signed up to one of its more expensive plans to get full access to this wonderful customer support and, by this point, you would hope someone’s picking up the phone to deal with your problems. The company has also built an extensive online support centre and its ActiveCampaign University to help customers get the most out of its platform and solve any minor technical issues. As mentioned earlier, Sendinblue also offers up the best transactional email features we’ve found to date and we still use the platform for this purpose after more than five years. Given that we’re looking at marketing and sales CRMs in this article, email marketing features are often the easiest way to weigh up different options, as this is the key channel that holds both strategies together. Every platform in this article takes a different approach to building a CRM and, then, integrating a selection of marketing features and tools around it.

  • In all honesty, HubSpot is the only platform we’ve looked at today that doesn’t fit into the affordable bracket but it does offer one of the best free CRM platforms in the industry so it forces its way into our list.
  • This is almost the only marketing tool you’ll ever need and having built-in email and landing page builders allow you to spend less money on software and less time switching between different apps.
  • Hubspot is well-known for marketing and sales knowhow, and it’s channeled its expertise into a CRM that grows with your company, making it a good choice for businesses that are expanding rapidly.
  • Less Annoying CRM is one of the most basic tools we’re looking at today and only Octopus offers a platform that’s arguably less capable.
  • Due to the nature of small businesses, their customer base is small and doesn’t require intensive management.

The AI-powered insights into customer demands and fluctuating trends makes it ideal for B2C or D2C businesses in fast-changing verticals such as ecommerce and fashion retail, where it’s vital to keep ahead of the curve. At the same time, customers are demanding more personalized relationships, with 73% of buyers indicating that they expect companies to understand their unique pain points and preferences. And 64% of B2B buyers citing impersonal cold calls as the main reason why they wouldn’t buy from a given vendor.

Sendinblue Features

You need to practically experience using a few software before making your final pick. Remember that you have to balance reviews and personal experience with the software. Reviews are essential, as personal experiences are important when deciding on what CRM software to use. In an age where reviews are often dishonest and misleading, your decision would be better informed by your personal experience. Agile CRM allows you to automate your sales, marketing, and customer support in one platform.

If you’re looking for the best CRM specifically for small businesses, Keap is the first place to look. The strength of its light, web-based CRM is in the sales and marketing automation tools, which are built for the SMB owner and entrepreneur looking to scale their businesses through automation. That means growing the business without letting it consume more and more hours in a day. CRM software enables companies to provide a more seamless and personalized omnichannel experience no matter the nature of interaction. In addition, technological advances have made it relatively easy to integrate the best CRM software with social networks and mobile platforms, allowing for the emergence of specialized CRM functionality for social CRM and mobile CRM.

So it really comes down to which features you need and what you’re willing to pay for. While there’s no free plan available, CompanyHub’s pricing is competitive with OnePageCRM and Capsule CRM – and the features on offer are even better – so this is going to be an interesting comparison. This is a CRM platform designed for growing SMEs and startups, which paves the way for them to use Capsule for free and gradually upgrade to affordable plans as their business grows. The main expense is actually how many users you have on the system but most providers charge on a per-user basis anyway. The difference is, most also charge more as your contact list grows and restrict features across plans more heavily than OnePageCRM.

That said, if you’re looking for an affordable, easy-to-use CRM platform that you can pick up and start using right away, you should definitely take a look at OnePageCRM. Overall, the experience on desktop is great but the mobile apps are a little clunkier, especially on phones. The experience is better on tablets, particularly the iOS version on an iPad, but this is definitely a system that performs better in a desktop browser. Obviously, there’s a balance here between cost and certain compromises and, in some cases, this might mean fewer features or it could mean usage limits or other restrictions – all of which we explain on a case-by-case basis.

It’s not easy to design a platform that crams this many features into a single product but you find yourself digging through navigation menus to find tools and features with little guidance from the system. EngageBay is the best “bang for buck” all-in-one CRM option for companies on a low budget, kicking things off with one of the most generous free plans available and disruptively low pricing on its paid plans. Once again, the price increases between plans are incremental and you’re not bumped up onto more expensive plans as your contact list grows.


Community forums are an excellent way to get to know your customer, and Zendesk does a particularly good job of creating a platform for them to thrive. Some teams love the extra transparency Salesflare brings, some are less comfortable with it. In the second case however, Salesflare does offer a handy and simple enough permissions system, so you can restrict what certain team members see or can do. Integrations with many of the most popular tools like Mailchimp, Zapier, Jira and Outlook.

Agile Crm

There are many CRM software solutions that are available to help you increase sales. From there, the additional professional and enterprise plans come in at $20 and $35 a month respectively. Keap, being built for small businesses, is not an enterprise solution, so if you’re looking for a more robust CRM, or a CRM for a larger team, it may not be best-suited for your needs. Because Keap is focused on sales generation, if you’re looking for a CRM with a team-based project management component, it won’t be a good solution. If your lead tracking and customer relationships are getting hard to manage, you might be smart to consider of the most popular ones. Real estate salespeople were cold calling and tracking lead information in spreadsheets and even notebooks.

The onboarding and setup process is as simple as you could hope for, too, which you can start using Capsule CRM today with concerns about UX. The drag-and-drop Kanban pipeline interface is a particular highlight cutting out unnecessary clicks and status updates – another feature that’s available on all plans, including the free version. There are fewer features, functions and dashboards adding complexity to the ecosystem compared to some of the platforms we’ll look at later. OnePageCRM doesn’t suffer from this problem and you’ll get used to working with this platform in a relatively short space of time. In fact, you’re more likely to complain that OnePageCRM is too simple if you have more complex needs but it’s difficult to imagine anyone saying it’s difficult to use. At this end of this guide, we explain how you can access the data we’ve used to compile these rankings and we also have a set of comparison tables for you to weigh up the different options, side-by-side.

You can see the full list of Sendinblue features and a plan comparison on the company’s pricing page and you’ll quickly see the company offers up one of the most feature-rich free plans we’ve seen today. Then again, this is all part of the company’s strategy that’s designed to get businesses signed up to its software and, ultimately, upgrading to paid plans. Considering the set of features ActiveCampaign delivers at each asking price, I feel slightly hesitant to criticise anything. Yes, some of the tools aren’t quite on the same level as industry leaders, such as the email builder, but the email and marketing technology on offer is as good as anything around. Salesmate sits in the category of software that teases enterprise sales and marketing features at affordable prices.

These multiple channels can all be used for various marketing, sales, and customer support roles — the three traditional ‘buckets’ for CRM. Even the best all-in-one marketing platform can be improved by integration with other tools – perhaps other marketing software, business tools or everyday productivity apps. On all plans, you get campaigns and automation reports, sales reports and customer analytics to build a 360-degree view of your marketing and sales strategies.

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